I am very much into Zombie movies. I feel Zombie flicks are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Most Zombie fans would agree! So, imagine my delight when I head about the movie “I am Legend” Starring Will Smith? It’s a Zombie movie, but with a twist..The basic outbreak scenario is the same…But’s it’s different! So, I am eagerly anticipating this movie!

Also, Zombie fans should be equally delighted to learn that Warner Bros has released a game based on the movie! Sort of, It’s built within the virtual world of Second Life, so it’s not a stand alone game, however it’s quite fun and intense..I suggest checking out the website for more details as well as some video of gameplay!

  1. […] SL, Television } some of you may have read a recent entry of mine where I went on about the Second Life based game for the movie I am legend? Well, it has happened again, this time however instead of it being for a movie, it is for a […]

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